Seth Rollins Or Daniel Bryan Set To Retire Kurt Angle?

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has had one of the lengthiest careers in the professional wrestling business. A selfless man, Kurt has always helped young talent get over, be it in TNA (Impact Wrestling) or in WWE.

This past August, the Olympic Gold Medalist expressed his desire for one final WWE World Title (Universal Championship/WWE Championship) run before hanging up his boots once and for all.  It now appears that Angle has already decided which Superstar he should wrestle in the last match of his lengthy career.

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In a recent Q&A on Facebook, the on-screen General Manager of Monday Night RAW named a few top Superstars who he thinks deserve to wrestle him in his final match in the squared circle.

“That’s tough. I see so much talent right now. It’s hard to pick one. AJ [Styles] or [Samoa] Joe or [Seth] Rollins or [Daniel] Bryan. Then you have Sheamus and Cesaro. [Baron] Corbin. [Chad] Gable and [Jason] Jordan. I’d have to go with either Rollins or Bryan. Only because I’ve never wrestled them and I’ve had my eye on them for 5 years.”

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In a career spanning over two decades, Angle has won a total of 21 championships between WWF/WWE, TNA and NJPW. He is the only pro-wrestler in history to have won the WWE Championship, WWE World Heavyweight Championship, WCW Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the IGF’s IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

At Crown Jewel, Kurt was eliminated in the first round of the inaugural WWE World Cup by Dolph Ziggler. Prior to Survivor Series, he lost to Drew McIntyre on RAW in what has since been deemed to be a “passing of the torch” match in WWE.

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Although it’s quite uncertain whether WWE would hand a victory to their fifth Grand Slam Champion given his accomplishments in all of professional wrestling, it’s expected that Vince McMahon will always want to book Kurt in a main event match at WrestleMania to ensure a proper farewell to one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.[0]=68.ARDGKKWgwOdSs1vgwfPXDZWFeKzq3z7k_VTFDJ86Mew9y7VhBV-fjEgjku1yt3BmlOlUMJG_aoDM905buowA3CDCtKSn4rNOqSF8fuZROrS7RBjPY2zYGT4Gsr-PrVeWy3PDd6Rf5B6H5Puw5Y01v6Lv5VxXWUP1cQvDlVr0531cwm2evKJowMnD-jhyOfF-c1JQAzYQGRK60tFzHlejA6uY0tj-LEe1zVP7tagtkY0t16WnaC6vGEaflYp3zDC6Hr0LpomjqTOUVY7dcFTf1gTc7uAHn4f0lybFLpTNwOy8jou0VCQtfDKEGyMLGGnmhALmJagm7bjNgQ&__tn__=-R