Seth Rollins Reportedly Wants To Continue His Storyline With Edge

Seth Rollins could become WWE Champion on Sunday night when he steps up to the challenge of Drew McIntyre in The Scottish Star’s first pay-per-view title defense since his huge WrestleMania win last month.

The Monday Night Messiah has lost AOP, given the recent injury to Rezar, which means that he only has Murphy on his side moving forward. The 2014 Money in the Bank winner recently spoke to Alex McCarthy of TalkSport where he revealed that he wants to continue the story that he created with Edge.

Back in 2014, Seth Rollins helped The Authority return to power when he threatened Edge and his neck injury on an episode of Monday Night RAW so that John Cena was forced to allow Triple H and Stephanie to regain power.

Edge was only brought in for this segment and it was never followed up since The Rated R Superstar couldn’t wrestle Rollins at the time because of his neck injury. Times have changed, the former 11-time World Champion has now returned to the ring and proved that he was in peak physical shape when he won his Last Man Standing Match against Randy Orton at WrestleMania.

Randy Orton and Edge will be returning to Raw next week and even though it’s been hyped up to seem as though The Viper and The WWE Hall of Famer could continue their feud, there’s nothing stopping Rollins from picking up a feud with Edge.

If the former WWE Champion is unsuccessful in his quest to become Champion this weekend, then it’s possible that he could decide to target Edge next week on Raw in the same way that he targeted Drew McIntyre a few weeks ago. WWE already planted seeds for a feud between the two men back at the Royal Rumble, and it could be a decent SummerSlam feud if the company decides to pull the trigger.