Seth Rollins Reveals Why He No Longer Wears His White Ring Attire

Seth Rollins
Image via WWE

Seth Rollins has had a number of interesting attire designs over the years, with some of the most recognizable ones being his SummerSlam 2016 Tron style attire and his all-white attire from the year before.

The Architect became a dual Champion at SummerSlam back in 2015 when he was able to defeat John Cena in a “Winner takes all” match for both the United States and World Heavyweight Championships.

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Rollins was only able to hold both Championships for a month before he lost the United States title back to Cena at Night of Champions, but his attire is one of the more memorable of his time in WWE.

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In recent years Rollins has dressed up as The Night King from Game of Thrones and even Thanos from Avengers, but his all-white attire is one that many fans have wanted to make a return over the past four years, especially since Funko made an exclusive Pop of the current Universal Champion wearing that title-winning attire.

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Interestingly, the former Shield member recently took part in a meet and greet where he revealed that the reason he hasn’t been able to wear the attire in recent years is because of Vince McMahon.

Rollins recently responded to a fan who asked if the gear was coming back and simply stated:

“No, Vince won’t let me wear it.”

The fan in question then asked “Why not,” to which the Universal Champion responded:

“Because he’s a weird old man that doesn’t understand that people think this is the coolest gear they have ever seen.”

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Rollins went on to state that Vince doesn’t understand it and that he gets the question about the attire more than anything else. He also revealed that he gave the attire to his archivist and it’s now used at all the WWE Axxess events.