Seth Rollins Reveals Why He’s Provoking CM Punk, Why He Addressed Him On Raw

Image via WWE

Seth Rollins has Tweeted about a match between himself and CM Punk recently, only to be turned down by the former World Champion. It appears that Rollins has his mind set on a match with The Best in the World, which he is still pushing for even though Punk doesn’t want anything to do with WWE.

The past week on Raw, the company was in Chicago so it’s obvious that the crowd expected their favorite son to be part of the show, so the CM Punk chants started at the top of the program. It seemed as though Rollins was calling Punk out when he told the WWE Universe that he tried to get him there but he’s happy to remain in LA behind a desk, but reports since have suggested that Vince McMahon was not happy that the chants were addressed.

The comments from Rollins have been edited out of WWE videos from Raw since reportedly Rollins made them off the cuff and they had no place in the Raw episode.

Rollins himself was able to address his reason for calling out Punk when he appeared on Kiss 103.5 recently.

“Well, yes, of course. Look, man. He spent five years on hiatus. Good for him, hopefully, he’s got his head right. But he comes back to sit behind a desk and talk? That’s not very CM Punk. That’s not the guy that they want. That’s not what they want,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Rollins looks as though he’s stepped into an interesting feud with The Authors of Pain by his side on Raw since this week’s show had quite a confusing ending, but he would obviously be open to a match with Punk at WrestleMania if the former World Champion was open to a return to the company for the first time in more than five years.