Seth Rollins Specifically Names Six NXT Superstars He Would Like To Face, To Kick Brock Lesnar “To The Curb”

Per rumors, Rollins could be losing the Universal Championship to Lesnar at Stomping Grounds

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Seth Rollins is enjoying his life as the reigning WWE Universal Champion. He successfully defended his title at Super ShowDown and fought off a potential cash-in the same night.

Today Rollins is a Grand Slam Champion and top babyface in WWE, but his success could be attributed to his grinding in NXT. In just 7 years since his main roster debut, The Beastslayer has exceeded all expectations and accomplished a whole lot more than anyone could’ve imagined.

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During a recent interview with The National, Rollins remembered his roots and named a bunch of NXT Superstars whom he would like to face in the near future.

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Adam Cole is someone I have never been in the ring. Gargano would almost be an AJ Styles situation again. We wrestled a decade ago and haven’t touched each other since. You have got Velveteen Dream who is always intriguing and Matt Riddle would also be an intriguing match-up. Or an old foe like a Roderick Strong or a Kassius Ohno. There is a ton of talent down in NXT just waiting to strike so there are tons of match-ups that I would be looking forward to if the opportunity came about.”

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Rollins also talked about his feud with Brock Lesnar and how it felt to dethrone The Beast at WrestleMania 35.

“It was really cool. Not many guys in WWE history have been able to put Brock Lesnar‘s shoulders to the mat and pin him in the middle of the ring. So, to be in that elite group and to have done that at WrestleMania is pretty special.”

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Lesnar has been constantly playing mind games with Rollins ever since winning the Money In The Bank briefcase last month. However, The Kingslayer aims to slay The Beast one more time in yet another faceoff.

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“Obviously he is still hanging around and is part of the WWE roster in some capacity and he has that Money in the Bank contract so I am going to have to go against him at least one more time before we kick him to the curb. He seems extra motivated when he is not the champion so maybe that is a good thing.”