Seth Rollins Takes Shot At Brock Lesnar For Being A Part-Time WWE Universal Champion

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WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar won’t be defending his title at Sunday’s pay-per-view event TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. This shouldn’t come off as a surprise as The Beast has widely established himself as a part-time champion in WWE since capturing the big red belt for the first time at WrestleMania 33.

Seth Rollins, who is currently in his second Intercontinental Title reign, is a fighting champion and unlike Brock, he burns it down every week on RAW. Rollins is also a regular PPV performer whereas Lesnar is not.

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During an appearance on “The Show” for 105.3 in San Diego ahead of this week’s episode of RAW, Rollins took shots at The Beast, which are likely the seeds that WWE is planting in disguise to set the rumored Lesnar vs. Rollins WrestleMania 35 storyline in motion.

“I understand it. I understand Brock Lesnar – Brock Lesnar is our Universal Champion right now and he hasn’t been on our Monday Night Raw television show in some time. So, from my perspective, as a person who is on every show, every week – I’m out on the live events trying to bring people in to see these shows, it’s slightly insulting to me – he’s the champion, he’s the face of our show, and he’s not at our live events.

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“So, people who watch the television show, they’re not getting the same thing when they get to the live events. So it makes it hard on us as a team to sell tickets.”

“I think the champion makes the championship. What I do every week is try and be the champion that the show needs, since the one we got isn’t around to be that champion. So, yes, to me the Intercontinental Championship is the Championship of Raw, and has been for the last year – cause that’s about how long Lesnar has been Universal Champion off and on.”

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Brock will defend the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble PPV in January. So expect to see Seth verbally roasting The Beast in the coming weeks if the rumored storyline is to come true.