Seth Rollins Talks About Working With His New Stable and Wrestling Without a Crowd

Image via WWE

Seth Rollins has been aligned with AOP and Murphy over the past few months as his character as “The Monday Night Messiah” has started to develop. AOP are former NXT Tag Team Champions and have worked well under the wing of Rollins, while Murphy needed a boost into the spotlight, which the former World Champion has afforded him.

Rollins appeared on WWE’s The Bump earlier today where he talked about how it was going with AOP and Murphy and what it’s like teaming with the three men.

“I would say extremely well. Look, Murphy, AOP, these are guys who are really hungry. They’ve been sitting on the sidelines on the RAW roster for quite some time. Murphy clawed his way up from 205. He has undoubtedly had some incredible showings in the ring but was just missing that one little thing, and I think that one little thing is guidance.”

Rollins also went on to hint that there could be a name for the group brewing in the coming months, but didn’t give much away.

The former World Champion is set to battle Kevin Owens in front of an empty arena at WrestleMania in less than two weeks time, The Monday Night Messiah recently cut a promo on RAW without a crowd, and as part of his appearance on The Bump, he revealed that he was enjoying being part of the show despite the lack of fans.

“After a couple of weeks of feeling very odd about discussing our industry on social media because of what’s going on in the world around us, it felt very nice to just get out there and do what we do.”

“It was a very cathartic experience in that way. I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel when I walked out the curtain and have no fans in attendance. I wasn’t sure how that was gonna feel like for me so to go out there and do what we do and let it all out and tell Kevin how I really feel after months and months and months. After a couple of weeks of what’s going on in the world. To go out there and do what I do best it was, like I said a cathartic experience.”