Seth Rollins Was Reportedly Not Dean Ambrose’s Original Target For His Heel Turn

Dean Ambrose
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Dean Ambrose turned heel last month when he attacked his tag team partner, Seth Rollins following their Tag Team Championship victory, just hours after Roman Reigns revealed that he was struggling with Leukemia.

Ambrose’s heel turn was reportedly moved forward because of Reigns’ announcement, but according to The Wrestling Observer, The Lunatic Fringe was supposed to turn heel on Roman Reigns and not Seth Rollins.

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Throughout the past six years, ever since The Shield debuted on the main roster, Rollins and Ambrose have had a storied past which has seen them as both friends and rivals, but Reigns and Ambrose have always been on the same page, which is why this heel turn would have hit home much harder.

Roman Reigns’ illness caused creative to change all of their plans and move the heel turn forward, which is why Dean Ambrose hasn’t featured on the past two WWE pay-per-views, because Rollins already had creative plans and Ambrose was supposed to be feuding with Roman Reigns.

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There are even reports that Dean Ambrose and Drew McIntyre were the two opponents that WWE was considering for Reigns at WrestleMania, but that is now out of the window.

His current feud with Seth Rollins does seem to be stalling at present, but this could be because WWE is literally making it up as they go along, since this was never their original plan.

That hasn’t stopped Rollins and Ambrose from being seen as WrestleMania main event level stars as fans hope that the feud will continue into the biggest event of the year and the two men who once headlined Hell in a Cell back in 2014 will be allowed to step it up on the grandest stage of them all.