Shane McMahon Silences CM Punk Chants On SmackDown Live

WWE has been promoting the WWE World Cup over the past few weeks with the tagline that the tournament would crown “The best in the world” something that former World Champion CM Punk called himself.

The fans in Newark, New Jersey were on hand last night to remind SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon of this when he asked who they thought should win the upcoming tournament at Crown Jewel.

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CM Punk chants have dominated WWE for the past four years and the company has decided that the best thing to do is to respond to them right now and that’s exactly what McMahon did when the crowd continued to chant for the Chicago native.

McMahon stated, “I don’t believe he’s in the tournament” before continuing his planned promo ahead of the show. Stephanie McMahon has responded to the chants on Raw a number of times before by taking digs at Punk where she called him a “quitter,” but this is the first time that Shane McMahon has responded to any reference to Punk, who walked away from the WWE back in 2014.

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WWE obviously knew when they put a “Best in the World” label on something, the WWE Universe would find a way to link this back to CM Punk and are now prepared for the crowd when they try to take away from the action in the ring.

Punk recently won his lawsuit against WWE doctor Chris Amann, who alleged that Punk and his friend Colt Cabana had defamed him as part of their famous Art of Wrestling podcast in November 2014. The lawsuit seemingly ended any association that Punk had with the wrestling business but fans still hold out hope that the former World Champion will one day make his return to WWE.