Shane McMahon Tried To Sign UFC Hall Of Famer, Liv Morgan Posts Cryptic Tweet

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WWE and UFC share a long history, with several cross-overs between the two biggest combat sports companies in the world. WWE’s arguably biggest star currently, Brock Lesnar, spent a great chunk of his career in UFC, while Ronda Rousey, who main-evented WrestleMania earlier this year, had a history-making run with UFC.

Recent UFC Hall of Fame inductee Chuck Lidell spoke to and revealed that he was approached by Shane McMahon to work for WWE. Lidell is a UFC legend and is regarded as one of the greatest light heavyweights of all time.

Lidell revealed that he used to hang out with junior McMahon, who presented him with a WWE offer. Lidell said he loves fighting but he wouldn’t like it in a staged environment, where a great emphasis is lead on ‘acting’.

“Actually, I used to hang out with Shane McMahon every once in a while, we would go out and party sometimes. Good dude. And he said ‘If you’re ever seriously interested about coming over we should talk.’ But, you know I never really… I love fighting and I love being in real fighting and I mean I got nothing against WWE. I wouldn’t mind doing that now too. It’s just acting, going out and doing the acting. That’s more like acting.”

Current UFC superstar Daniel Cormier has repeatedly teased a move to WWE, and it would be quite a big moment if he ever joins the company. Chuck Lidell’s glory days might be over, but he could very well return for a one-off appearance.

Liv Morgan posted a cryptic tweet recently, and tweeted out the numbers ‘851216’. Some fans cracked the code, which translates to ‘HELP’.

It was recently reported that WWE is deliberately keeping Liv away from television to debut a new character.

Let’s see what this tweet means for Morgan’s future in WWE.