Shane McMahon Tweets About Possible Tag Team Partners For Roman Reigns, No Way Jose Volunteers

Image via WWE

Roman Reigns is set to see tag action during this Monday’s episode of Raw and Shane McMahon is going to pick his tag team partner.

Reigns is set to face McMahon and his partner, the Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre, at Extreme Rules on July 14 in Philadelphia. Reigns will be partnering with the Undertaker at Extreme Rules, but before that happens, he will be tagging with an as-of-yet announced partner during Raw.

The mystery partner will be revealed during Raw itself and it won’t be someone of Reigns’ choosing. Reigns will have no choice but to make the best of the situation as, the one who will be picking his partner is McMahon himself.

Reigns and his mystery partner will be facing his Extreme Rules opponents and many feel that this is yet another attempt by McMahon to stack the deck in his favor and ensure that Reigns is not 100 percent, going into Extreme Rules.

If there’s any doubt that McMahon isn’t feeling a bit cocky about getting one over on the Big Dog before their match in Extreme Rules, check out the following Tweets about  his search for the best potential partners for Reigns.

Just in case being able to choose who Reign’s partner for the match doesn’t give him enough of an edge, it should be noted that McMahon has decreed that Reign’s Extreme Rules partner the Undertaker will be banned from the building.

According to reports, if the Undertaker ignores the ban and shows up on Raw, he will be removed from the match at Extreme Rules.

Meanwhile, another WWE Superstar who will probably be on the show on Monday and who seems to want to have a bigger part in it, is No Way Jose.

Jose has Tweeted at Shane McMahon that he would like to be considered as Reigns’ tag team partner for Monday.