Shawn Daivari, James Storm, and Swoggle Return at Impact Bound for Glory

Former WWE talent Shawn Daivari was a surprise participant during the Call Your Shot gauntlet match at Impact Bound For Glory.

Daivari, who had been working as a producer in the WWE, was one of the several behind the scenes talents who were released back in April as part of cost-cutting measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He had previously worked as a manager and wrestler for both WWE as well as TNA. It now looks like he might be looking to make a return to the wrestling business as an in-ring performer.

Another surprise entrant during the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match was James Storm. Storm is a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion and multi-time tag team champion. He left Impact in 2018 and has, till recently, been part of the National Wrestling Alliance where he held the Tag Team championship with Eli Drake.

Storm has been a free agent since September and has since revealed that he almost signed with the WWE earlier this year and was almost a surprise Royal Rumble entrant.

Another surprise entrant was Swoggle, who is known for his time in the WWE as Hornswoggle. He didn’t last long, getting eliminated almost immediately.

No news as of now if these returns were a one-off or if Daivari, Storm, or even Swoggle have signed contracts.