Shawn Michaels Claims NXT Has The Best Talent In WWE

WWE appointed Shawn Michaels as the head coach of NXT and things haven’t been the same ever since. Mr. WrestleMania is always backstage, constantly pushing Superstars to bring out the very best in them and as a result, NXT has rapidly flourished, going head-to-head with RAW and SmackDown today.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, HBK stated that he prefers to work behind the scenes and would rather allow the young talents to enjoy their hard-earned spotlight.

“I’d rather stay behind the scenes and let the stars of tomorrow take their rightful place. My time has come and gone. This is all about them. NXT is wrestling at its best. We’re going to continue on that track, and that’s showing people the best talent in WWE, which is in NXT.”

Michaels has been building Superstars of tomorrow and is considered to be an inspiration in all of WWE. For instance, NXT Champion and HBK’s favorite talent, Adam Cole is widely regarded as the next Shawn Michaels. in the business.

“They deliver every single time they’re out there,” said Michaels. “All three of them all embrace and adapt to big situations. I’ve never seen one of them not look cool, calm or collected when they go out into high impact, highly visible matches. There hasn’t been a time for any of them where the situation was too big or got the better of them, and that gives us a great deal of confidence moving forward. These are all big-time performers.”

The Showstopper is now an integral part of the backstage process. Not only does Michaels produce high voltage matches, but his ability to work together with youngsters and motivate them along the way has proved that NXT is in safe hands as long as he and Triple H are around.