Shawn Michaels Comes Out Of Retirement, DX To Face The Brothers Of Destruction At WWE Crown Jewel

For the first time in eight years, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels is stepping into the ring for one more match to face the man who originally retired him, the Undertaker.

Michaels won’t be alone though, as he’s going to have his long-time best friend, Triple H at his side.

The newly-reformed Degeneration-X is not going to have the work cut out for them though as, the Undertaker won’t be alone either. Kane will be fighting alongside his brother when he clashes once again with Triple H and Michaels.

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Though Triple H, Michaels, Kane, and the Undertaker have traveled the world and fought against each other in all sorts of matches, would you believe that the Tag Match at WWE Crown Jewel is going to be the first time that Degeneration-X and the Brothers of Destruction have formally had a match together?

Well it is, and the match up promises to give the fans in Saudi Arabia, a show that they will never forget.

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The DX vs. Brothers of Destruction tag match promises to be the epic culmination of a rivalry that started when it was announced that the Undertaker and Triple H would clash for the “last time” during the recently concluded WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia.

In the build up to Super Show-Down, Michaels made an appearance on RAW to announce that he thought his best friend Triple H would beat the Undertaker. The Undertaker didn’t take kindly to that and things got deeply personal, with Kane getting into the mix as well.

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During the Super Show-Down match, Kane and Michaels were at ring side to watch their respective partners’ backs. In the end, Triple H won with an assist from HBK. But that wasn’t the end as the Brothers of Destruction laid waste to their opponents after the match.

Now, the two iconic tag teams are set to collide in a match of epic proportion at Crown Jewel. This pay-per-view will be held on November 2 (Friday) at the King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.