Shawn Michaels Declined AJ Styles’ Request For Dream Match In WWE

Can WWE convince HBK for “one more match” against The Phenomenal One?


Over the past few years, WWE has had a lot of dream matches in the works, but if there’s any one impending feud that has the capacity to bring the WWE Universe down on their knees, then it’s none other then a singles showdown between Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels and AJ Styles.

Ever since Styles stepped foot in WWE (2016), fans’ yearns for a dream match between him and Michaels at the Grandest Stage Of ‘Em All, WrestleMania have only gotten more desperate.

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While HBK coming out of retirement seemed like an impossibility, WWE eventually managed to convince Mr. WrestleMania for one more match and at Crown Jewel, Michaels teamed up with Triple H (DX) to take on The Undertaker and Kane (Brothers Of Destruction) in a dream match-up.

However, the match didn’t go as expected and The Showstopper had later on regretted his decision of coming out of retirement.

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On WWE Now, Styles revealed that although he had asked Michaels for their dream match, the response received from the Sexy Boy wasn’t the one he had been looking for.

“I would have loved the opportunity to have gotten in the ring with him. I’m not sure what it is about Shawn and I that people see as like, ‘Oh wow, these guys are one and the same.’ I would like to think that there are so many great matches by Shawn and hopefully there are a lot of great matches that you see me in. And that’s the comparison. That [we’re] able to put on a show no matter who is in the ring with [us]. It’s certainly a compliment.”

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“I asked Shawn [about a match] and he said ‘No.’ That’s on Shawn, guys. I can’t do anything about that. I would love to opportunity to do that [match]. But I get where he’s coming from too. It’s one of those things where, if you say you’re gonna retire — Now, granted, he had a match after his retirement, one [match] — but I understand not really wanting to do it. When I retire, I want to [stay] retired too.”