Shawn Michaels Heartbroken By Marty Jannetty’s Way Of Living

Jannetty wrestled his last WWE match against The Miz in 2009

Image via Twitter

Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty are the oldest of friends in the pro wrestling business.

Michaels and Jannetty emerged in WWF/E together as The Rockers and became quite popular as a tag team. However, their alliance lasted only three years -Michaels superkicked Jannetty and threw him through a glass window during the famous Barber Shop segment, thus parting ways.

Jannetty, who left WWF/E in 1994, is currently dealing with an injury that badly requires ankle surgery. Unfortunately, the 59-year-old wrestler can’t afford the money for the operation and has thus decided to medicate himself with alcohol in the meantime.

During a recent interview with Challenge Mania, WWE Hall Of Famer HBK revealed that although he doesn’t have Jannetty’s contact number anymore, he is quite heartbroken about how his old pal has decided to live his life.

“I no longer have a contact number for him. There are times I see him, he is great, he seems great. Other times it’s less so. It heartbreaking to me, just as it is to everyone else. I don’t know what any of us can do in that aspect. He has made a decision on how he wants to live his life. Truth be told, it’s not my place or anyone else’s to tell him how. All we can do is care about him when it’s not going well, care for him.”

Let’s hope Jannetty is able to get his surgery done before it’s too late. The ex-Superstar has made a lot of friends in his 30-year-long career which makes us believe that someone from his social circle will definitely step up to provide him with the financial aid that he requires at the moment.

Jannetty earlier approached Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page for help but didn’t like the answer that he received from the founder of DDP Yoga.