Shawn Michaels Names His Two Greatest Rivals in WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels was a guest on the Vibe & Wrestling podcast where he told the host Vicente Beltran who he believes gave him the best rivalries of his long career.

According to Michael, it was two other Hall of Famers – Bret Hart and Triple H who he feels gave him the best matches and hence the best rivalries.

“Well I think it’s got to be Bret Hart right?” said Michaels. “I mean, my goodness how do you mention me and not mention Bret and it certainly spilled over into real life.”

“It was something so palpable and people felt it, so as proud as I am of all those other rivalries I think it’s Hart,” he said.

As the podcast continued, however, Michaels also mentioned another rivalry, with his close friend Triple H.

“I have to say it in the first part of my career you say Bret Hart and then the second part I think I’d have to say Triple H,” he said.

“We still managed to cross one another backwards and forwards as good guy, bad guy, medium guys, tagging together. We did a lot of stuff together,” said Michaels.