Shawn Michaels Receives Backlash on Social Media for No-Selling Punt Kick on Raw

Shawn Michaels returned to Monday Night Raw this week just a week after Ric Flair was viciously assaulted by The Viper Randy Orton. Flair was Orton’s only ally but even the 74-year-old former World Champion was forced to join the list of legends who have been sidelined by The Legend Killer in recent weeks.

Shawn Michaels wanted to address the fact that Ric Flair wasn’t a threat to Orton and made it clear that The Viper will get what’s coming to him at SummerSlam before he was attacked by The Legend Killer, received an RKO and a Punt Kick.

The WWE Hall of Famer was able to make it back onto his feet when Drew McIntyre came down to make the save, which has led to backlash online since the Punt Kick has been sold as one of the deadliest moves in WWE in recent years.

Former WWE star Bubba Ray Dudley had his own opinion on the move, while IMPACT Wrestling star Velvet Sky even called Shawn Michaels disrespectful for seemingly no-selling Randy Orton’s move.

It’s unknown if the storyline with Shawn Michaels has now come to an end or if HBK was able to get to his feet for a reason and he will be part of the match between Drew McIntyre and The Viper at SummerSlam.