Shawn Michaels Reveals Why He Came Out Of Retirement For A Match At Crown Jewel

Shawn Michaels
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Shawn Michaels retired from WWE back in 2010 when he lost a Career vs Streak match to The Undertaker at WrestleMania. It was the second consecutive WrestleMania that Michaels had faced and fallen victim to The Undertaker and it was the perfect way for one of the greatest wrestlers of all time to take his bow.

Over the past nine years, Michaels has been asked numerous times by WWE to come out of retirement for one more match, even in his home state of Texas, but he refused to budge until Crown Jewel was on the horizon last year.

Michaels agreed to return to the ring for one more match when he teamed with Triple H in a winning effort against The Undertaker and Kane in Saudi Arabia back in November. It was a shock that The Heartbreak Kid had decided to return to the ring after almost a decade away, and as part of a recent interview with Challenge Mania, he revealed why he made that decision.

“There are no regrets. In my mind, it was like a glorified house show. I do not mean that to be insulting, but in my mind, it was not the same. It was just Hunter and me, the DX thing, tag match, it felt like a totally separate entity to me. That is why I felt okay to do it.”

“It was done with the intention of being a nice little fun thing to do, I can’t say that it ended up being all that fun, it was okay, it was great being out there with those guys. It was just one of those things that you do because you’re a company dude. For me, it’s like 10 years and people keep asking about it (returning). Then every time you say no, there are two approaches to it. They appreciate the fact you’re staying retired, but then they say, ‘It’s probably best because he can’t do it anyway.’ I’m in agreement with that.”

“I love this business and the fans that support it, but nothing can be all as it is and in the positive. There has always got to be a caveat or a but. It can’t just be, ‘God bless him, he went out and he can still do it, he’s just not choosing to and we appreciate that,'” he said via WrestlingInc.

Michaels stated after Crown Jewel that this was his last WWE match and he has since enjoyed working down in WWE’s Performance Center and backstage in NXT with Triple H, which means that it’s highly unlikely that The Heartbreak Kid will ever grace a WWE ring again.