Shawn Spears Calls Cody Rhodes “A Leech” Ahead Of AEW All Out

AEW’s upcoming and fourth pay-per-view All Out takes place from the Sears Center Arena in the Chicago suburb of Hoffman Estates, Illinois on August 31, 2019.

Shawn Spears (formerly Tye Dillinger) has had a rebirth since signing with AEW. He has come up with a brand new persona and is no longer the nice guy that he used to be in WWE.

It so happens that Co-Executive Vice President of AEW, Cody Rhodes shares a history with Spears in real-life.

It all began during their early days in OVW where Spears taught Rhodes how to wrestle. And a decade later, both men are mixing it up on AEW, the grand stage that vows to change the entire landscape of pro wrestling.

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Jim Ross interviewed Spears on the first episode of the Road To All Out series where the Perfect Ten set the record straight.

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“He’s a leech. It started in OVW, it started with me. He came in, I taught him how to wrestle. He said those words, he’s made it public knowledge. Then when that ran its course he went on to bigger and better things. Bob Holly, Ted DiBiase Jr, Damien Sandow, where are those guys now? Exactly. He latches on, bleeds it dry and moves on. He’s a leech.”

Last month at Fyter Fest, Spears brutalized Rhodes with a steel chair – the reason behind the assault is that the VP had called the 38-year-old star a “good-hand” upon officially signing with AEW.

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“He’s changed. He’s put on a suit. Given himself a nice fancy vice president title and he’s saying the same damn thing that they [WWE] have said for nearly eight and a half years. He’s changed. You don’t call someone a good hand.”

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Fans are eagerly waiting for AEW to make Cody vs. Spears official for the PPV next month. Expect a highly physical matchup with weapons being legalized.