Shawn Spears Talks About Being “Pigeonholed” In WWE

Spears believes he can take his career to the next level in AEW

Image via Twitter

AEW’s Shawn Spears, who formerly wrestled in the WWE as Tye Dillinger, recently spoke to Muscle and Fitness about his current wrestling career.

Spears told Muscle and Fitness that asking for and being granted his release from WWE allowed him to take his career into his own hands.

Spears had felt that the WWE didn’t really have plans for him and that he wasn’t really going to go far in the company.

“I was pigeonholed for quite a long time. On one hand, I was very reliable when they needed something done. I was there and I got it done, but at the same time, I couldn’t break through the glass ceiling that seemed to be placed over my head. Now, that has changed,” says Spears.

He spoke positively about how making the jump to AEW was for him and how he believes he can take his career to the next level in ways that he couldn’t with the WWE.

“I have taken my career into my own hands, been given an opportunity to be on a worldwide platform (in AEW) with no restrictions,” said Spears.

“Regardless of what happens, when I’m seventy years old, I can look back and say that I did this the way I wanted to, on my terms, and I gave it everything I got,” he added.

Spears also talked about the upcoming debut of AEW’s weekly television show on TNT and the fact that it is going head to head with WWE NXT where some people felt he did his best work.

“I can’t speak for everybody, but we are not looking at it as a head-to-head competition, where we need to knock these guys out of the water. We are going to go out there and do our thing,” said Spears.