“She Never Recovered From That to a Large Degree” – Jim Ross on Chyna’s Break Up With Triple H

On his podcast Grilling JR, Jim Ross talked about Triple H and Chyna. The AEW commentator said that Chyna never truly recovered from her break up with Triple H and he often found her in tears backstage.

“The love of her life and her had a break-up, and I think that she never recovered from that to a large degree, quite frankly,” said Ross.

“Those that know her better than me I’m sure will hear about this, Conrad, those who are closer to her, especially after the WWE years, which I was not. Full transparency. I think that she had to start healing again after WWE and she could just not get over the hump.”

Chyna left WWE in 2001. The company wanted to re-sign her but the female star reportedly demanded more money than Vince McMahon was willing to give her.

In 2007, she died due to a drug overdose, and only last year did she receive her Hall of Fame induction as part of DX in WWE.