Sheamus Reveals How Close He Came To Retiring From WWE, Paige Opens Up About Triple H Joke

Image via WWE

Sheamus recently returned to WWE as part of the first episode of SmackDown of 2020 where he appeared to be helping Shorty G to even the numbers game in an attack at the hands of The Revival. Sadly, this wasn’t the case, since Sheamus then turned on Shorty G and delivered a Brogue Kick to the King of the Ring runner-up to announce that he had returned as a heel.

The Irish star was out of action for a number of months following a concussion and recently told Sportskeeda that he was close to retiring.

“It’s [retiring] something that’s always in the back of your mind. It’s no secret that I had a couple of issues physically, a few injuries because it is physical what we do – and then my style as well, it trebles that, you know? There were a couple times when I thought, ‘Will I make it back in there?’ Especially when I got a concussion in that match after WrestleMania.”

“But I used that time really well, I went to physiotherapy, went to boxing, kickboxing. I got myself in the best shape possible, dropped 40lbs. I feel better, look better, and I’ve never been hungrier to get back in the ring. For me, the first ten years were just a warm-up. This is the real deal now. I’m just starting, mate. I’m telling you, my body feels amazing. I feel better at 42 than I did at 32.”

Paige is someone who is hoping to come back from retirement for the upcoming Women’s Royal Rumble but when asked about this, Triple H recently made an inappropriate joke about the former Divas Champion and Paige was able to open up about this to Sportskeeda’s Gary Cassidy earlier today.

“Obviously I was a little bit perplexed, a little bit taken aback because he’s someone that I truly look up to and he’s always been very respectful, so I feel like he got caught up, maybe, in a joke, that I just don’t think was appropriate to joke about. I don’t know, I feel like it’s something that I don’t need to continually keep talking about because I feel like people have done a pretty good job of that.”

Paige also revealed that Triple H had reached out to her and that they would have a few things to talk about.