Shelton Benjamin Confirms New Deal With WWE

Image via WWE

Shelton Benjamin‘s latest run in WWE has been quite a topsy-turvy one, with the former United States Champion mostly serving in the feeder role on the roster. Benjamin appears largely on WWE Main Event and on RAW as an enhancement talent to put over younger superstars.

However, Benjamin is not looking to switch roles at this point, as he revealed to Lillian Garcia on her podcast, Chasing Glory, that he will be staying around for some more time.

Benjamin talked about being reluctant to do the interview, as his career has hit a snag and he isn’t doing much on the roster currently. Benjamin expressed his frustration with his current booking but said that despite his current position, he feels better things will come his way soon, and hence he has signed a multi-year deal with the company.

Benjamin returned to WWE in 2017, teaming up with Chad Gable after Jason Jordan left the American Alpha. The duo won the tag-team championships, but their partnership didn’t last long.

Benjamin last wrestled on RAW in January in a losing effort against Aleister Black, and his last WWE appearance was at the Royal Rumble when he had a short moment with his friend, Brock Lesnar.

“Lately, I haven’t been doing much as far as on-air with the WWE. For me, it’s just frustrating. So, when you contacted me to do this interview, my first thought was I don’t even know what to talk about because right now, I’m not really doing anything that’s fulfilling to me. I’m here every week, I’m ready to go. For me, it’s like when I watch shows like this, Chasing Glory, people are chasing something. Right now, I don’t even feel like I’m on the hunt. Not that I don’t want to be. That just frustrates me on a personal level.”

“Yes, I just re-signed another multi-year deal with the WWE. So, I’ll be here for a little while.”

Hopefully, The Gold Standard gets one final decent run with a title or at least gets to showcase his talents as a singles wrestler in the ladder matches, which brought him immense praise in his initial run with the company.