Shelton Benjamin Dedicates TLC Victory to Shad Gaspard

The Hurt Business members Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander defeated The New Day at WWE TLC for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

Benjamin dedicated this victory to his friend Shad Gaspard who died a few months ago while saving his son. Gaspard and his son caught riptide on the coast of Venice Beach. When the lifeguards came to rescue, Gaspard asked them to save his son first. Sadly, the pro wrestler never made it back alive.

Benjamin was one of the closest friends of Gaspard. Post victory, he posted an image wearing a wrist tape. Many WWE superstars had paid tribute to Gaspard following his death.

A few months ago, Shelton Benjamin joined The Hurt Business and as part of the group, he has been getting regular screentime on Monday Night Raw.