Shinsuke Nakamura Reveals The Advice That He Gave To Velveteen Dream

Shinsuke Nakamura
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Shinsuke Nakamura is the current United States Champion, but even though he hasn’t been given the opportunities he deserves on the main roster, he is still a former two-time NXT Champion and someone who has left quite the reputation on the developmental brand.

This means that many stars who are coming through the ranks will turn to Nakamura, who already had experience of working in Japan before he came to WWE, for advice if they are struggling to make the desired impression.

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Velveteen Dream came to WWE through Tough Enough after he was eliminated from the competition, quite early on. When Dream was Patrick Clarke, he was unable to connect with the NXT Universe and it appears that Nakamura stepped in to give him some advice.

The Artist recently spoke to Steve from Going in RAW, where he not only stated that he would love to face Velveteen Dream, but he opened up about the advice that he gave to him whilst he was in developmental.

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“Patrick. Velveteen Dream. He [has] found something,” he said via Ringsidenews. “I remember I gave him advice when I was in NXT. At that time, he was still looking for his own character, right before he became Velveteen Dream. Patrick- he did too much. He has [done] a bunch of wrestling matches now, and a lot of moves.”

“Just my opinion- so the audience can’t remember if a wrestler does too much- a lot of moves. [They have to make] one strong impression- so maybe tag matches in NXT or a road trip after the whole show, people will remember his character. [Beyond[ the other matches they watched, they would remember the purple guy; crazy moving. That is one of the keys.”