Site of Two WrestleMania Shows in Toronto to Be Demolished

The SkyDome in Toronto, Canada, venue of Wrestlemania VI and X8, is set to be demolished.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, The Globe and Mail is reporting that Rogers Communications Inc., which owns the venue is planning to demolish it to construct a new stadium in downtown Toronto.

The SkyDome was purchased and renamed The Rogers Center by Rogers Communications Inc., back in 2004. Most still refer to it as the SkyDome, however.

The SkyDome was built back in 1989 and was the first-ever MLB stadium to have a fully retractable roof. It has an official capacity of 53,506 and is the home of the Toronto Blue Jays and has been the site of many WWE events in Toronto.

As we mentioned, WrestleMania VI back in 1990 was held at the SkyDome, as was WrestleMania X8 in 2002. The venue also hosted around 10 WWF house shows.

Among the memorable wrestling events at the SkyDome was the WWF Championship match between Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior (WrestleMania VI), The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan (WrestleMania X8), and Edge’s first-ever championship win when he beat Jeff Jarret for the Intercontinental title on July 24, 1999.