SmackDown Hacker Releases New Video Tease, Maria Kanellis Reveals Whether Or Not She Would Return To WWE

Over the past few weeks, the SmackDown locker room has been plagued by a hooded figure who has teased that “The Truth Will Be Heard.”

Ahead of WrestleMania, the figure was able to release important details regarding the relationship between Mandy Rose and Otis and the fact that Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler were plotting behind their back. Since the leak, Deville and Rose have split and now the hacker is teasing that another Tag Team could follow suit.

The hacker, who now has his own Twitter page, recently released the following video which doesn’t tease much more than any of the other ones, but it’s worth noting that his location on Twitter has now changed from Truth and Consequences which is where Mick Foley is from, to Last Chance.

Recent reports have suggested that the hacker could be revealed on SmackDown as both Mustafa Ali and Shorty G in the coming weeks.

One star who definitely isn’t behind the hacker gimmick is Maria Kanellis since she was released alongside her husband and a number of other superstars back on April 15th. This is the second time that Kanellis has been released from WWE in her career and she has since gone on to start her own podcast called Non-Essential Wrestlers alongside her husband.

As part of a recent Q and A on her Twitter page, Kanellis was asked whether or not she would return to the company in the future. The former Diva Search contestant’s answer was somewhat predictable given that she recently gave birth to her second child and she and her husband are now in a shocking position amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maria also revealed that she and her husband will be stepping back into the wrestling business in the future, hopefully, once the current pandemic has passed when the business is back to normal.