SmackDown Live Draws A Low Attendance In The United Kingdom

The superstars of WWE have made their way to Manchester, England this week for Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, but it appears that the company was unable to sell out their shows on British soil.

There is no doubting the fact that there is a huge British following for WWE but last night on Monday Night Raw most of the top tier of the MEN Arena was taped over as well as much of the lower tier. SmackDown Live followed suit with the entire top tier covered for tonight’s tapings as well as a third of their lower tier.

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This shows the impact that other promotions are having on WWE since these UK based shows are only presented twice a year but at the same time, ticket prices could have been a huge part of the reason since the cheapest tickets were around £50 and many fans are not in a position to shell out that kind of money just weeks before Christmas.

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SmackDown Live still went ahead without a hitch and the crowd in Manchester were still able to make some noise throughout the show since there were many moments that popped the WWE Universe, but WWE has to be slightly worried if their audience across the pond continues to dip.

WWE’s ratings for Raw and SmackDown have reached record lows over the past few months and now the audience in the United Kingdom, which has always been a dependable group has now been affected, which is definitely a sign that WWE needs to step up their game and perhaps focus less on presenting their pay-per-views and more on making their weekly shows watchable again.