SmackDown Superstar Backstage At Raw Tonight

Survivor Series
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Survivor Series is this weekend and ahead of the show, there is always a storyline that sees both Raw and SmackDown battling it out to go into the show on top. There are a number of head to head matches set to take place as well as the men and women’s traditional Survivor Series matches, which means that there is a lot of combustible elements throughout.

It is the final episode of Monday Night Raw ahead of the show tonight which will be followed by tomorrow’s SmackDown Live and there are already rumors that there could be an invasion angle tomorrow night, but will WWE allow SmackDown to draw first blood?

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Sasha Banks recently updated her Instagram story where she shared a video of Natalya and Luke Harper can clearly be spotted in the background. Harper is a SmackDown Live star, even though he hasn’t been featured on the show for a good few months following an injury to his tag team partner Erick Rowan. Harper can clearly be seen in his ring gear with his arm still in a cast in the following image.

Image via Ringsidenews

Harper is thought to be injured after recent images of him surfaced online wearing a cast, but he could still be part of the invasion angle if WWE is short of bodies.

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It is unknown as to why Harper would be backstage at Raw if it wasn’t because WWE was planning a shocking invasion, so it could be an interesting show tonight. WWE has become concerned about some of the ratings most recently since they have scored their lowest ratings in history over the past few months and this could be their way of trying to boost them.

Shocks, surprises, and returns are always the best way to entertain the WWE Universe, which is why Survivor Series is always the best time of the year.