Sonya Deville Doesn’t Think She’s a Locker Room Leader for the LGBTQ Community

Sonya Deville gave an interview in Newsweek where she talked about her career in WWE, including her being one of the first openly gay wrestlers in the company.

Previously, Newsweek had spoken to NXT star Tegan Nox who credited Deville for helping her to come out to WWE fans. Devil downplayed her role in Nox’s actions.

“I’m no expert on any of this,” said Deville. “All I know is my own journey.”

According to Deville, Nox approached her to talk about experiences about being a lesbian in the industry. The two had a “cool conversation” that Deville said just led to Nox coming out.

“I’m so proud of her and I’m so happy for her,” said Deville.

According to Deville, Nox and another NXT wrestler, Jake Atlas are important as they represent the LGBTQ community in the WWE. She talked about the lack of a similar representation when she first entered the business.

Given as Nox and many people felt that Deville is a role model for coming into WWE as an out lesbian, NewsWeek asked her if she felt she was a “locker room leader.”

The Pride Fighter downplayed both her role as an LGBTQ role model and a locker room leader, stating simply she was just living her life.

“If anything, I’m a firm believer of leading by example,” said Deville.

“If people like the way that I conduct myself and they feel that it’s impressionable or inspirational in any kind of way then, yeah, they can take notes,” she continued.

“I just try to do me and be a good person. Hopefully, people can see that and do good themselves,” concluded Deville.

Deville is set to face her former tag team partner and real life friend, Mandy Rose, at SummerSlam in a Hair vs. Hair match.