Sonya Deville Reacts To Her Match Being Canceled On SmackDown Live

Sonya Deville
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Sonya Deville and Carmella have had quite the feud on Twitter over the past week and that was set to lead to a match between the two women on SmackDown Live this week, but this wasn’t the case.

Despite the match actually being advertised for the show last night, it didn’t take place even though Deville was in attendance for the show since she was spotted as part of Mandy Rose’s storyline with Naomi.

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Rose and Deville have been friends ever since their time together in Tough Enough and have since been part of Absolution together, but it was made obvious that Deville was not happy about the lengths that her friend was going to in order to break up Naomi’s marriage.

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Deville has her own business to take care of though and even though her match with The Princess of Staten Island was overlooked this past week on SmackDown Live, Deville took to Twitter where she stated that it was a bout that would be happening in the future.

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Carmella was also reportedly busy this week since she and R-Truth were cashing in their Mixed Match Challenge win and spending some time at WWE Headquarters, so this could be the reason why the match itself couldn’t take place.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion is expected to be back in action next week so the previously advertised match potentially could take place on the go home episode ahead of Royal Rumble. This would allow both women to begin what could be an all-out brawl between all the women on the brand that usually ends the build-up to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view each year.