Sonya Deville Reveals That Mandy Rose Apologized Following Personal SmackDown Feud

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose were once best friends and worked on the SmackDown brand as Fire & Desire before Deville turned on her long time friend earlier in the year.

The two women were embroiled in a feud on WWE TV that led to a “loser leaves WWE” match at SummerSlam.

Sonya Deville lost to Mandy Rose at The Biggest Party of the Summer before taking some time away from the company in order to settle her personal issues following an attempted kidnap.

Since Deville’s departure, Rose has been drafted to Monday Night Raw and is now part of a team with Dana Brooke.

It appears that the former friends have been able to settle their differences in the months that have followed since Deville recently posted the following Instagram update.

The Pride Fighter noted that Rose has apologized and the photo shows the two women spending some time together. This is a recent picture since Rose has had a new haircut since the women were close friends earlier in the year.