Sonya Deville Talks About Coming Out on TV and Being an Openly Gay Woman Wrestler

Sonya Deville was recently a guest on Better Together with Maria Menounos where she talked about how it felt being the first openly gay woman wrestler in WWE.

Deville entered WWE as a contestant on Tough Enough where she came out on national TV after being asked “Are you in a relationship?”

“It was this loaded question with such a complex back end,” recalled Deville. “I wasn’t openly gay yet but I did have a girlfriend at the time.”

Deville wrestled with the answer for a while, wondering if her girlfriend would prefer she not say or imply she was single or if it would be better for her to out not just herself but her girlfriend. Eventually, she simply told the truth: Yeah, I have a girlfriend.

Deville admitted that being an openly gay wrestler in WWE is a bit fraught, noting that social media can be very negative. However, seeing and hearing from younger fans who consider her an inspiration helps her remain positive.

“Looking back at the kind of last five years of my life and realizing that not only am I more comfortable with myself than I ever been, because of almost being forced to live my truth, but watching my younger fans be inspired by it, it means the world to me,” she said.