Sonya Deville Talks About Her Return as “Authority” Figure

WWE SmackDown Superstar Sonya Deville set tongues wagging with a surprise return, strolling through backstage on the first episode of SmackDown this year.

Now, the latest edition of SmackDown has revealed that she’s back as a backstage authority rather than as a competitor.

Deville was a guest on Talking Smack this Saturday where she talked a bit more about her return and the shift that it marks in her career.

“Anyone who knows me knows that is a natural fit for my personality,” she said about her new role.

“I think it’s a great kind of duo with Pearce right now. I want to make SmackDown a good place to be and a good place to work. I want the women to get opportunities,” added Deville.

While not necessarily having been dubbed a general manager or given an official title, producer Adam Pearce has been shown to be able to exercise some clout in arranging matches on both Raw and SmackDown.

It’s interesting to note that, on the night that Deville was revealed to be working with Pearce, Heyman alluded to having clout with another authority figure on SmackDown.

Heyman said that he got someone else in authority to approve a reluctant Pearce’s inclusion in the number one contender gauntlet match on SmackDown.