Sonya Deville Wants Raw Underground Match With Shayna Baszler

Shane McMahon’s Raw Underground segments are supposed to be a riff on an underground “fight club” with no rules and more “realistic” fights. It’s not surprising that it’s generating some interest from WWE superstars with an MMA background.

Current WWE SmackDown superstar Sonya Deville has an MMA background, training and competing in the sport since she was 16. According to an interview she gave to Sportskeeda, she’d love to “put her hair up and square up” at Raw Underground – and she knows who she wants to face.

“I know I’ll end up over there,” said Deville about Raw Underground.

“It’ll probably end up being me versus Shayna in Underground one of these days and I’d happily give her a little TKO action,” she added.

Deville is referring to another former MMA fighter, Shayna Baszler, who officially became the first woman to compete onscreen on Raw Underground last week.

It’s unknown if SmackDown superstars can participate in Raw Underground, as it’s supposed to be exclusive to the Red brand. It should be noted, however, that the segments feature NXT and developmental talent both in the ring and around the ring.