RAW To Stick To Three Hour Time Slot From Now On

Monday Night Raw is going to be sticking to its three hour run time from now on.

According to a report from Frightful.com, the USA Network, which airs WWE Raw has been calling for an end to the 15 additional minutes of overrun that the show previously enjoyed.

Raw will now have a strict “out” time of 11 PM EST. This will begin on next Monday’s Raw and is seen as continuing into the foreseeable future.

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Frightful.com confirmed that they had reached out to the WWE for a comment or official statement and that the company had indeed confirmed the report about the stricter run time.

Previously, WWE’s Monday Night RAW had always been given a soft “out” time which extended the shows for at least 15 minutes after the official airtime. This habit of overrunning the show began way back in the 90s during the Monday Night Wars when WWE battled for supremacy with World Championship Wrestling.

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Both WWE and WCW would often deliberately start shows earlier or later in an attempt to gain a competitive edge over the other. Even when WWE won the Monday Night Wars and WCW closed shop, the habit of giving Raw a 15 minute overrun remained.

The overrun not only used to give the WWE additional screen time to tell their stories but also allowed for some flexibility if there was a segment that might go on too long.

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Check out the full report on the video below