Special Guest For WWE Backstage Announced, WWE-Ryback Still In a Tussle

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Special Guest For WWE Backstage

WWE Backstage has received rave reviews over the past few weeks due to its format, and this week it is scheduled to take place on Christmas Eve. WWE is apparently going forward with the show, even though the main host Renee Young is off on a vacation with Jon Moxley in Hawaii.

WWE Backstage also features Booker T as the co-host, along with several superstars like Christian, Paige, CM Punk, Ember Moon, etc. as rotating guests along with weekly additions to the show.

WWE On FOX made an announcement on Twitter earlier today, that Richard Jewell star Paul W Hauser will be a guest on WWE Backstage this week. The popular Promo School segment will make a return to the show this week, and Hauser will be a part of the same. Who Hauser will go up against is still unknown, but it will be an exciting segment nonetheless.

This week’s episode will also feature the Year-End Awards in WWE, a throwback to the era of Slammy Awards, which were discontinued four years ago. WWE Backstage will air live on FS1 at 11.00 PM EST, and will be preceded by WrestleMania Legendary Moments, narrated by John Cena and a replay of SmackDown from last week.

WWE-Ryback Still In a Tussle

Former WWE Superstar Ryback may have left WWE nearly four years ago, but he hasn’t settled scores with the company yet, which he left on ugly terms.

Ryback recently tried to file a trademark for his name but was notified by his attorney that WWE had already filed for the same a day before. Ryback left the company following frustration regarding his booking and hasn’t signed with any other company since.

It is highly rumored that AEW is looking to poach the Big Guy into their roster, and a recent photo of Ryback with Cody Rhodes intensified those rumors.

Ryback reached the main-event level in WWE even though he never won the top title. He could be a valuable addition to the weak roster, which is currently struggling to get past NXT in ratings.