Speculation On Why Daniel Bryan Vs The Miz Was Cut Short At Super Show-Down

Daniel Bryan and The Miz extended their lengthy feud at Super Show-Down when they collided for the right to challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship, and many fans were surprised that their match was so short.

Bryan was able to roll The Miz up in under three minutes, which led to many fans taking to social media to ask whether or not the ending was a botch and Miz failed to kick out.

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There are a number of theories circulating when it comes to the ending of the match, which is something that Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer recently weighed in on.

“Daniel Bryan and Shelton Benjamin bonked heads on SmackDown Tuesday in a diving headbutt spot. Daniel Bryan was cleared for this show. He then had a two-minute match with The Miz.”

“The only thing that I could speculate is to think as a fan, not as a reporter but a fan, was maybe that he was banged up and thought to be safe — let’s go two minutes.”

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“There is no other reason in a number one contenders match for the WWE Title that they would go two minutes. That was a big important match. It was a semi-main event,” he said via RingsideNews.

Benjamin and Bryan collided on SmackDown Live earlier this week and there were question marks over whether or not Bryan would be part of the match with Miz at Super Show-Down before he was later cleared.

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“I’m saying I believe he banged his head,” he continued. “they put him through the concussion protocol, he passed but they decided just to be safe — let’s just have you go two minutes here and that’s it. Maybe he won’t wrestle on SmackDown and he’ll be good to go for the weekend house shows.”