Spoiler: Four More Superstars Announced As Participants In The Royal Rumble

The New Day
Image via Sportskeeda.com

Royal Rumble is now just weeks away and whilst the Championship matches are all being made around the main event, there are other superstars who are focused on being a part of the Royal Rumble match itself.

Raw and SmackDown both air on a tape delay this week since they are set to be broadcast tonight on New Year’s Eve and tomorrow on New Year’s Day, but as part of the shows, four more superstars declared that they would be part of two upcoming Royal Rumble matches.

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It was already announced that R-Truth and Carmella would enter their respective Rumble matches at number 30 after the two stars were able to defeat Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox at TLC in the final of the Mixed Match Challenge. Drew McIntyre then became the first announced star to enter the fray last week on Monday Night Raw.

This week, Natalya became the second woman to be added to the Women’s Royal Rumble match, whilst The New Day also declared that all three stars would be part of the men’s version of the match.

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The trio have been part of the match on a number of occasions, but it would have been a shock to see WWE fail to include Kofi Kingston since his antics are the biggest selling point of the match. Every year the former Tag Team Champion defies physics and expectations when he manages to find a way to foil whatever plot there is to eliminate him.

Despite this, Kingston is still yet to win a Rumble, despite appearing in 12 matches throughout WWE’s history, could it be lucky number 13 for Kingston on January 27th?