Spoiler On Big Return That Could Be Planned For Tonight’s RAW

Dean Ambrose has been out of action since December 2017 when he was attacked by Samoa Joe and The Bar backstage on Monday Night Raw, but according to The Wrap, Ambrose could make his return to WWE TV tonight on RAW.

The storyline over the past few weeks has seen Seth Rollins outnumbered by Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler and it’s believed that Ambrose will make his return to help even the odds for his former Tag Team partner.

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If Ambrose returns tonight and is put into Rollins’ corner on Sunday night at SummerSlam, it will allow the former World Champion some more time to recover before he actually steps in the ring.

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A return for Ambrose tonight on RAW rather than at SummerSlam would also ensure that the Intercontinental¬†Championship match doesn’t get a louder reaction than the match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar for the company’s main championship.

The Wrap is reporting that it’s highly likely that WWE will have the former Champion return tonight because the WWE Universe is now expecting him to make his long-awaited return at SummerSlam, which would make tonight a much bigger shock.

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Earlier this year, his former teammate Roman Reigns revealed that Ambrose has been rehabbing like mad to ensure that he would make his return much sooner than advertised and at one point even moved to Birmingham, Alabama so that he could focus all of his attention on his WWE return.

Ambrose is one of the most popular stars in the company and the past eight months have been hard for some of his most dedicated fans, but we could now be mere hours away from his return to the company on the night that his wife is set to make history.