Spoiler: Tag Team Championship Changes Hands On Raw

This week on Raw, Seth Rollins made his way to the ring holding both the Tag Team Championships and explained that he would be forced to defend these in the future alone since Dean Ambrose was no longer on the same page as him and wouldn’t explain why.

Rollins seemed as though he was going to relinquish the Championships before Baron Corbin popped up and informed him that he would be forced to defend the titles on his own tonight and then sent out AOP who were flanked by Drake Maverick.

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AOP completely dominated Rollins throughout the match since the two men didn’t have to tag in and out of the match but the former World Champion was still able to hold his own for a long period of time until the numbers game took over.

The end came when Rollins was hit with a powerbomb followed by AOP’s innovative new tag team finisher¬†which allowed the duo to pick up their first titles on the main roster.

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Rollins put up quite the fight but his night was far from over since Dean Ambrose finally made his way to the ring when Rollins was recovering from the abuse he suffered in the match and put him back down with a Dirty Deeds.

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Rollins and Ambrose are now no longer Champions, which means that the Tag Team Championship match at Survivor Series can go ahead and will see The Bar up against AOP, which is odd since both teams are heel.

It is unknown if the two former Shield members will be given a rematch for the Championships since neither man wants to be in the same ring as the other moving forward.