Stephanie McMahon Confirms Vince’ “Sneezing” Rumor, Reveals Her Favorite WWE Superstar

Image via WWE

Stephanie McMahon recently appeared on the Barstool Podcast and in a candid interview talked about several things in WWE. One of the topics up for discussion was the wild rumor regarding Vince McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon was asked whether Vince hates it when she sneezes, and she said that her father hates things which he can’t control and sneezes are one of them. She also said that her father always has an angry look on his face when she sneezes.

“Big Cat: Have you ever sneezed around your father?
Stephanie McMahon: Totally. Yes.
Big Cat: Does he hate you for it?
Stephanie McMahon: He doesn’t hate me for it but it’s always with like a grrr, a grimace. But on the flip side I’ve been around when he has sneezed. 
Big Cat: That’s got to be embarrassing for him.
Stephanie McMahon: A little bit that he can’t control. Well it’s just because he doesn’t like anything he can’t control the fact that he can’t control the sneeze is very, makes him upset.”

This was a long-standing rumor among the wrestling community around Vince McMahon, and his daughter herself confirmed it on the podcast. The sneeze rumor was even referenced on a recent ‘Being The Elite’ episode and seems like the rumor was indeed correct.

The Chief Branding Officer of WWE, Stephanie also talked about her favorite wrestlers in WWE. She mentioned The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair as her top three favorite wrestlers in WWE, and she picked out these three for different reasons.

“Hulk Hogan is one of the most easily recognized icons in the world. He is everything because also his size, his stature, that Fu Manchu the long blond hair. He just really is one of the first ever I think truly global icons.”

“Ric Flair is arguably one of the greatest superstars ever in the history of our business from a pure talent standpoint. I think that even Hulk Hogan would say Ric Flair has me beat. Ric, he transcends our business in many different ways than I think Hulk Hogan does.”

“And it feels like I’m maybe not picking one over the other but I’m picking each one for different. I think The Rock, especially because with all the different platforms that exist today, I think Rock has he’s probably the number one most easily recognized WWE superstar of all time. And not only is he a successful actor he also runs you know Seven Bucks Studios, he’s an entrepreneur, he’s an executive, he’s a philanthropist.”

Stephanie clearly adores the three superstars and is thankful to them for their contributions to the wrestling industry.