Stephanie McMahon Invites Becky Lynch To RAW, The Man Responds

Image via WWE

One of the defining moments on Becky Lynch’s journey to becoming “The Man” was when she led an invasion of RAW before Survivor Series.  Along the same vein, Lynch came to RAW uninvited again after the Royal Rumble to tell Ronda Rousey to her face that she was choosing to challenge Rousey at WrestleMania.

While those two RAW appearances were “surprises”,  Lynch’s next appearance on RAW has been announced ahead of time. Stephanie McMahon has officially invited Lynch to the next episode of RAW.

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McMahon’s invite was officially announced on a statement on Check out the full text of the invite as it was posted on WWE’s Twitter:

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What’s going to happen during RAW is still up in the air. Whether Stephanie has invited Lynch to talk to her or for another purpose is not stated, but there’s no doubt that Rousey is more than aware that her rival will be there and will confront her in some way.

For her part, Lynch has accepted the invite more or less. She’s acknowledged that she will be on RAW this coming week, but she implies that it’s not because she was “invited”.

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Lynch also took the opportunity to send a little verbal jab towards Rousey as well, sharing a gif of the current WWE RAW Woman’s Champion’s alleged reaction to the news that Lynch was coming to RAW.

Lynch is now set to face Rousey at WrestleMania for the RAW Women’s Championship in a highly anticipated match. Some rumors have it that the match could end up becoming the main event of WrestleMania.