Stephanie McMahon Reportedly Helped to Write Controversial Snitsky Angle

Gene Snitsky is easily one of the most controversial characters in WWE history. The former WWE star came to WWE at a time when the company was pushing forward a number of angles that were all about gaining shock value.

One of Snitsky’s most memorable and perhaps most shocking WWE moments came back when the former star punted Lita’s baby into the WWE Universe.

Snitsky was recently a guest on The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast where he revealed that Stephanie McMahon was one of the writers behind that segment.

“Actually, Stephanie [McMahon] came to me and she made it clear to keep saying it [his signature catchphrase] as many chances as I get. So, yeah it was kinda funny.”

“She actually — she produced all my segments back then, and I worked with… Dan Madigan. Dan Madigan wrote most of the storyline, and then Steph was the producer for pretty much all of the segments that we did and it was fun man. I had a lot of fun with that little storyline.”

WWE faced a lot of backlash following the segment but this was a time before social media where WWE enjoyed creating memorable moments for their fanbase.