Stephanie McMahon Says No Medical Insurance For WWE Superstars

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon recently spoke with AdAge and gave a brief summary of how the company has tackled the COVID-19 situation in the last few months.

Despite the outbreak, WWE has continued to film content almost every week and didn’t stop despite a lot of positive cases in the company.

When asked about medical insurance for the superstars, McMahon clarified that since the stars are independent contractors, they are not given medical insurance of any kind. The company will be providing charges for any injuries that occur inside the ring, but nothing else. They do provide insurance to their employees, but not for the in-ring performers.

“So our talent are all independent contractors, so we actually don’t provide medical insurance for our talent,” McMahon stated. “We pay for all injuries, any surgeries or anything related to all in-ring injuries.”

“We do have substance and abuses protocols that we offer our talent both current and retired. So anyone that’s ever had issues with drug and alcohol abuse, they can be a part of this program. WWE itself, for our employees, we do have health, medical and overall wellness and mental health.”

This is a major revelation, as every superstar currently wrestling in the ring for the company will have to bear their own expenses in case he/she catches the deadly virus. Several WWE personnel have reported positive for the virus, but the in-ring talent has mostly stayed safe.

McMahon also mentioned how WWE cleans the Performance Center every night and ensures the safety of everyone involved in the filming process. She acknowledged the recent positive cases and said that the company made sure everyone in contact was thoroughly checked.