Steve Austin Advices Seth Rollins To Improve His Promos To Sell More Tickets


Stone Cold Steve Austin is arguably the greatest superstar to ever grace the professional wrestling industry. Austin is heralded as the driving force behind the Attitude Era, and his promo after winning the King of the Ring tournament in 1997 is usually considered as the unofficial start of the era.

The Rattlesnake recently brought back his beloved podcast, The Steve Austin Show, and spoke about the current Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Austin lauded Rollins’ in-ring abilities, and felt that he needs to ‘turn up the entertainment factor’. Rollins was a tremendous promo as a heel back in 2015, but his promos as a babyface have lacked the same energy.

“Seth’s a tremendous worker and I just think, man, when he turns up that entertainment factor, because he’s pretty reserved on the horn. And, man, if you go back and watch my promos, I mean, I never know what I’m going to say. I mean, I have things because of storylines and that and angles, so I know where I’m going, but I’ll stutter or I’ll miss a word, but it’s all emotion.

Promos and in-ring segments were completely different during Austin’s time in WWE, and are much more scripted in the current era. Very few superstars such as Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens are allowed to speak freely on the mic, while the rest of the roster, including Rollins, leave a lot to desire.

Stone Cold also talked about Rollins not being larger-than-life and feels that is affecting the ticket sales. WWE has recently cut down on several live events due to the declining ticket sales. According to Austin, if Rollins brings more emotions to his promos, it would definitely help to spike up the sales.

“I think that emotions sell tickets, but also being larger than life sells tickets, so if he could just learn to amp it up a little bit, because every time I had a stick in my hands, I was trying to channel and emit energy and people feed off that.”

If the Rattlesnake gives a piece of advice, you better take it and run with it! Hopefully, Rollins does the same and becomes the true top guy in WWE.