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WWE SmackDown Preview, May 29: Jeff Hardy vs Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles Battles Elias

Jeff Hardy looks to keep comeback rolling against Daniel Bryan Jeff Hardy kept his dream of winning his fifth...

NXT Talent Reportedly Behind Recent WWE Raw Leaks, Vince McMahon to Launch Inquiry

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Nia Jax Reportedly Doesn’t Have Backstage Heat After Injuring Kairi Sane at Raw Taping

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AEW Dynamite: The Revival Debuts, Mike Tyson Brawls With Chris Jericho

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, The FTR, formerly known as the Revival, finally made their long-awaited debuts in All Elite Wrestling. After...

Steve Austin and Ric Flair Partied For Two Nights During RAW Reunion

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Ric Flair are two of the biggest names in professional wrestling and are definitely two hell-raisers. Both men are known for their heavy drinking outings, and that was most certainly the case when those two met at the RAW Reunion.

Austin revealed on his podcast that Flair and he partied for two nights before the RAW Reunion. Austin said that all the partying with Flair made sure that his voice was completely gone by the time he made his way to the ring to close out the show.

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Stone Cold delivered a weird but heartfelt promo to end the RAW Reunion episode and followed it up with yet another round of drinks in the ring. Austin also recorded the whole episode of his podcast with Flair during their time together at the RAW Reunion.

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“By the time I showed up at Monday Night RAW, I had stayed up so late with [Flair] two nights in a row. And then, [Flair] brought in this cast of characters,” Austin recalled. “And by the time we got to the RAW reunion, I was talking to the WWE Superstars for like eight hours before we went on air. By the time I went out to go cut my promo, my voice was basically gone because I had partied too hard with [Flair] and then talked my voice out, so I effed myself is what I did.”

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Stone Cold has started making more appearances on WWE television of late, possibly due to his new show airing immediately after RAW. He is also scheduled to appear on next week’s episode of RAW, which will be the first airing from Madison Square Garden in quite some time.

Austin will oversee the contract signing between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.


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