Steve Austin Reveals Which Two Superstars He Would Return To The Ring To Wrestle

Steve Austin
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Stone Cold Steve Austin is a name that is synonymous with the wrestling business but has been unable to wrestle for more than a decade now, which has limited The Texas Rattlesnake to random appearances as part of WWE’s biggest events.

Austin’s injuries from his career in the spotlight are the main reason why he is unable to step back into the ring but as part of a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show, “Stone Cold” was asked which stars he would love to have a match with if he was going to return to the ring.

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According to a report by Mandatory, Austin revealed that he would love to wrestle WWE newcomer Elias, who has become a popular star with the WWE Universe ever since he debuted on the main roster.

Austin revealed that he believed ‘The Drifter’ was a very entertaining guy and that he has the ability to be a star in WWE in the future.

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Interestingly, Austin’s second choice is The Beast Incarnate himself, Brock Lesnar. The former World Champion revealed that the two men are still close friends and he feels that there is unfinished business between them, which is why he would like another match with the current Universal Champion.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that Austin will ever step into a WWE ring again since he is unable to be cleared for competition, but this is a huge compliment for Elias since he is still seen as a newcomer in the business, so for someone like Steve Austin to state that he would love to face him will definitely give him a boost.