Stipulation For WWE Championship Match at Extreme Rules to Be “Something That’s Never Been Done Before”

It appears that WWE is looking to make this year’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view quite unique given the fact that a Swamp match and an “eye for an eye” match have already been announced.

Drew McIntyre handed the reins over to Dolph Ziggler when it comes to choosing a stipulation for their WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules next weekend.

Ziggler has yet to reveal what the stipulation for their match will be and did state that he is going to make the Champion wait, but the former World Champion appeared on The Bump earlier today where he revealed that the stipulation would be something that had never been done before.

Ziggler asked for the panel’s suggestions and there were some interesting ones that included McIntyre being banned from using his Claymore finisher, as well as a food fight, but Ziggler then revealed that he has something special up his sleeve.

“Just know, if I can get this through and cleared by WWE, it will be something never been done before and I will be taking full advantage because it’s something..I would be stupid to pick a normal match that we’ve seen before.”

The Horror Show at Extreme Rules takes place on July 19th, which means that next week’s episode of Raw is the go-home show and could see Ziggler reveal his stipulation.